2018-2019 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2018-2019 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Information Systems, MS

Program Learning Outcomes  

36 credits required

CIS Core Requirements

(20 credits)

Core Requirements

Choose 3 from the following 4 options (12 credits)


The Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) requires that students complete a core track of study that provides a broad overview of topics relevant to information technology and computer science. Beyond this core track, the program offers concentrations that allow students the opportunity to explore detailed and in-depth aspects of one general area of computer technology.

These concentrations provide CIS students with real-world experience in a chosen area of specialization. Currently, the CIS program offers the following concentrations:

Dual Degree Option

Degree candidates in the MS in Computer Information Systems may apply 12 credits from this degree toward a second degree in the MBA program with a CIS concentration, thereby reducing coursework towards the MBA by three courses. Students must be accepted in both programs, but application materials will be forwarded from the first program to the second and thus the student does not need to resubmit them. Interested students should contact the MS-CIS Program Director or the Associate Dean of the Management Division.

Internship Track and Curricular Practical Training (CPT/Internships)

The Internship Track allows for the student to overlay the academic and theoretical study of Computer Information Systems with practical experience in the field. Students have the means to apply academic concepts to solve real world business problems.  The Internship is designed for students to better understand the work expectations and individual organizational culture. Students who take this Track will have greater insight into a wide variety of operational issues that influence IT managers.  Students and their Internship organization must be approved by the MS-CIS Program Director prior to the start of the internship, and take an Internship course or courses. Internship courses have variable credit and are CT 5901 through CT 5904. A maximum of 8 credits of internship may be taken.