2018-2019 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2018-2019 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Policies

For graduate degree programs, up to eight credits will be awarded for graduate courses taken at other regionally accredited institutions of higher education. The completed course(s) must have a grade of “B” or better, and must be analogous to the NEC graduate course requirement for which credit is requested. Those applying to a program who wish to get more than eight transfer credits approved should submit a request in writing to the Program Director.

Transfer credit will be awarded only for course work completed at regionally accredited institutions of higher education or the equivalent in other countries. New England College awards credit only; grades and other academic honors from other institutions are not recorded on a student’s academic record, with the exception of courses taken through New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC) schools after a student has matriculated at New England College.

The evaluator reviews each course on an individual basis by comparing catalog course descriptions and reviewing any other appropriate documents. A course equivalent will be assigned to each course granted transfer credit and the evaluator will indicate if that credit will apply to general education requirements. If the student has indicated a major, the evaluator will indicate if that credit will apply to degree requirements. Transfer credits are awarded on a credit‐by‐credit basis only. For example, a four‐credit course elsewhere will be granted four credits at New England College even if the equivalent course has a three‐credit base here. Students transferring from institutions on the quarter-hour system will be granted .67 semester hours per quarter hour. Not all credits granted will necessarily be applicable to degree requirements. If previous course work is deemed to have no applicability to a degree program, or if no comparable course at New England College can be identified, and yet the course work is deemed comparable to college‐level work, then unassigned elective credit may be granted.

Evaluation for transfer credit will be made at the time of a student’s admission to New England College. Transcript credit awards are contingent upon official admission into the graduate or professional studies program. Students who have attended other institutions of higher education must include official transcripts from all previous institutions in their application, regardless of whether or not they wish to be granted credit for that work. Course work in progress at the time of application will be evaluated on a tentative basis and credit awarded pending receipt of an official transcript.

Courses taken at other institutions after a student is enrolled at New England College must be cleared in advance through the Graduate Student Services office. Students must complete the Course Approval Form and submit it to the Student Services Office, which coordinates with the respective academic director for approval prior to enrolling in a course at another institution. Students who do not receive prior approval will need to petition the Dean for acceptance of the transfer credit and are not guaranteed approval.

Students who repeat courses at New England College for which they have already received transfer credit will lose that transfer credit.

Students transferring from institutions where course work is graded by non‐traditional mechanisms will be asked to request that the institution provide letter equivalents or written evaluations from individual instructors.

All transfer credits are tentative until substantiated by official transcripts or documents provided by the original educational institution.

Doctorate of Education Tuition Waiver Policy

Students entering the New England College Doctorate of Education program who have completed similar doctoral-level coursework at another institution may be eligible for a tuition waiver for up to four 4‐credit courses, pending approval by the program director and Associate Vice President of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. Eligible courses must be at the doctoral level and must directly align with courses offered in the EdD curriculum. Students must still enroll and fully participate in all 15 courses in the doctoral curriculum. However, they will not be charged for the courses in the doctoral curriculum that are met through completion of approved external courses.

Students receiving their Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) from NEC will receive a tuition waiver for similar courses in the NEC EdD program. However, will need to take the full schedule of courses in the EdD program along with their cohort, but they will not be charged for the EdD courses for which they receive a tuition waiver from their CAGS degree.

The courses that may receive a tuition waiver include:
ED 7003 - Educational Leadership and Critical Issues  will receive tuition waiver for

ED 7020 - Exploring Assessment and Accountability: Controversies and Solutions  will receive tuition waiver for

ED 7260 - Applied Education Research  and ED 7510 - Data-Driven Leadership and Action Capstone  will receive tuition waiver for