2018-2019 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2018-2019 Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Policies

Grading Policies Accessing Transcripts and Grades
Prerequisites and Repeated Courses Course Add, Drop, and Withdraw
Pass/No Record Option Directed Studies
Auditing Courses Class Attendance
Incomplete Grades Withdrawals and Leave of Absence
Calculation of GPA Exceptions to Academic Policy
Final Grades  


Grading Policies: Graduate and Professional Studies

Grading System: Letter grades and numerical point values are assigned as listed in table and described below:

Letter Grade Meaning Quality Points Per Credit
A   4.0
A‐   3.7
B+   3.3
B   3.0
B‐   2.7
C+ Unsatisfactory 2.3
C   2.0
C‐   1.7
D   1.0
D‐   0.7
F Failure 0
I Incomplete none
P Passing (B or higher) none
NR Below passing none
AU Audit none
ADW* Administrative Withdrawal none
ADI** Administrative Incomplete none
IF Incomplete Failure 0.0
W Withdrawal none
WD Withdrew from School


* ADW (Administrative Withdrawal): This grade is submitted when a student attended the course infrequently prior to the last date to withdraw, failed to comply with the required procedure for withdrawal, and did not attend at all subsequent to the last date to withdraw. This grade is noted on permanent record, but not calculated in grade point average.

**ADI: Administrative Incomplete. This grade is submitted only in extraordinary circumstances when the instructor of record did not or could not turn in grades. A grade of ADI will be converted to a letter grade by the instructor of record as soon as conditions permit. When extreme circumstances, such as the death of a faculty member, make it impossible for him or her to convert the ADI, the VPAA will make the conversion in consultation with the affected students and appropriate faculty.

Prerequisites and Repeated Courses

An instructor may waive a prerequisite if the student has demonstrable competence in areas embraced by the prerequisite.

Credit is not given a second time for a repeated course, unless the Academic Catalog and/or the official course schedule state that the course may be repeated for credit. When a course not repeatable for credit is repeated, all grades remain on the student’s permanent record, but only the highest grade is used in computation of the grade point average. Students may repeat a four‐credit NEC course with an equivalent three‐credit course taken at another institution. Only three credits of credit would be awarded in this case. Students who need to repeat courses no longer offered due to curricular changes may take an approved substitute if available. Substitutions must be approved by Program Director or equivalent position.

Pass/No Record Option

The Pass/No Record option is not permitted in the student’s major program except for internships and when permitted by the program. In the MFA program, a “P” is only awarded for performance that would merit a “B” grade or better.

Auditing Courses

Students wishing to audit a course may do so by contacting the Graduate and Professional Studies Office. Permission of the instructor is required. The workload and attendance policy in the course is to be determined by the instructor and should reflect expectations of both the instructor and the student. No credit is granted for an audited course. A grade of “AU” will not be entered on the student’s permanent record unless a student satisfactorily completes the attendance and workload requirements of the course. Students will be charged one‐half the current tuition rate for that course. All students will be charged any course‐related fees. After the end of the add/drop period, a student may not convert an audited course back to the letter grading system.

Incomplete Grades

To request an Incomplete (“I”), the student must first approach his/her instructor. If the instructor agrees to grant the Incomplete, s/he must inform the Program Director of this decision. Please note that an Incomplete is given only in exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control (e.g., illness, unexpected delay in receiving materials for which the student is not responsible, etc.). Incompletes will only be approved for students who have already completed at least 50% of the required coursework. A student has 30 calendar days from the last day of the term to complete any grade of Incomplete. Unless the instructor notifies the Registrar’s Office that another grade has been issued, grades of incomplete are automatically converted to grades of “IF” or “F”.

Students requiring an extension to complete the work in a course that has been graded Incomplete must submit a request to the Program Director. The Program Director will consult with the student’s instructor for additional information regarding the matter. This policy is also applicable to students not registered in the term following the Incomplete. Extensions will be granted only for extenuating circumstances. When the coursework for an Incomplete is submitted and the grade is changed, the new grade will be applied immediately to the student’s standing with regard to academic honors, warning, probation, etc.

Calculation of Grade Point Average

To compute a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA), numerical values are assigned to each letter grade as indicated above. Grades of I, P, NR, AU, ADI, W, and WD are not used in grade point calculations. The sum of the grade points received is divided by the number of credits completed, resulting in the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).

Final Grades

The decision of an instructor to award a grade is presumed to be final. Grades become a part of the student’s permanent record. Under ordinary circumstances, no one else within the College has the right to change an instructor’s grades.

A Student who believes that he/she has been graded inaccurately or wrongly must immediately bring this to the attention of his/her instructor. Should disagreement with the instructor ensue, the student may appeal the grade to the Program Director. The student must present the appeal in writing. The Program Director will review the information, consult with relevant parties, and make a determination. A student’s advisor may serve as an advocate during this process. As a last resort, the student may appeal the decision to the Vice President of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Accessing Transcripts and Grades

Final grades and unofficial transcripts are available to students through the college’s MYNEC web services. Students are entitled to examine and make copies of any graded examinations and papers not handed back in class. Official transcript requests must be submitted in writing to the Registrar’s Office.

Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawal from Courses

Students must register for courses prior to the term start. Course adds will not be permitted past the Wednesday of the first week of the term.

Students may drop a course before the start of term without being recorded on the student’s transcript. The last day to drop a course is Sunday before term starts at 11:59 PM EST.

After the start of term, students who wish to withdraw from a course will receive a W grade on their transcript. The W will not affect GPA or academic standing. Students who wish to withdraw must contact either their Academic Advisor or the Registrar’s Office in writing before the deadline.

The last day to withdraw from courses is as follows:

  • 7-week terms: last day of the 5th week of classes (Sunday, 11:59 PM EST)
  • 12-week terms: last day of the 7th week of classes (Sunday, 11:59 PM EST)
  • 15-week terms: last day of the 9th week of classes (Sunday, 11:59 PM EST)

Exceptions to the policies above will only be considered in rare circumstances and require a petitioned approval of the Associate Vice President of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at New England College. Students may begin the petition process by contacting their Academic Advisor or the Registrar’s Office. Petitions must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the term in question to be considered.

The refund policy for dropped and withdrawn courses is as follows:

Before 1st Day of class 100%
1st wk of class 80%
2nd wk of class 50%
3rd wk of class No Refund


Directed Studies

A directed study is an academic tutorial course that allows a student to do an in‐depth study with a faculty member in an area of mutual interest. Students will meet weekly (face‐to‐face or online) with the faculty member.

Guidelines for Directed Study

  • The Program Director or Associate Vice President of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies reserves the right to deny requests for directed study option.
  • Directed Study courses may not duplicate courses scheduled within a 12 month period, unless approved.
  • Directed Study courses may not be for more than 4 (four) credits.
  • Students may present for graduation no more than a total of 12 (twelve) credits for Directed Study.

Eligibility and Registration

  • Directed Study courses MUST be approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate & Professional Studies Office prior to initiating contract.
  • Student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Student must have no record of cheating or plagiarism in prior course work.
  • Student must have a faculty sponsor for the Directed Study.
  • Student must coordinate the completion of the Directed Study Contract form and obtain all necessary signatures.
  • The Directed Study Contract (complete with course syllabus and necessary signatures) must be submitted, in legible form, to the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies no later than the two weeks prior to the term start date.

Class Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend and participate in all dimensions of every course. A student’s grade in a course may include attendance as well as online participation, and these policies and grading procedures will be stated clearly, in writing, by the instructor in the course syllabus before the end of the add/drop period. Students are personally responsible for the material missed as a result of absence from class. Attendance policies may vary from instructor to instructor, and some courses may involve specified grade reductions for missed classes or missed online participation. It is the responsibility of each student to understand fully the attendance policies and procedures for every course in which the student is enrolled.

New England College respects student absences from classes due to religious observances. In such cases, students are expected to notify their instructors prior to the anticipated absence. Making up missed assignments is the student’s responsibility.

Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence

A student who wishes to withdraw from the College during the academic year must notify the Office of Graduate Student Services in writing.

Students are automatically granted a leave of absence for a period of one year if they are in good academic standing. All other students must apply for readmission should they wish to return to the College.

The normal limitation for a leave of absence from the College is one year. Students whose absence exceeds this limitation may be required to file for formal readmission to the College, in which case they would reenter under the major and graduation requirements in effect at the time of their readmission. Students who withdraw during a semester may be required to apply for readmission before returning the following semester.

Exceptions to Academic Policy

Exceptions to the College’s academic policies may be requested only by petition, and must be approved by the Associate Vice President of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.