2017-2018 Online Continuing Education Programs 
    Jun 17, 2024  
2017-2018 Online Continuing Education Programs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Program Description:

Communication Studies examines the ways in which social meanings are produced through the creation, mediation, and reception of messages. Students may focus in Media Studies, Journalism, or Public Relations and Advertising, or choose their own set of elective courses for a general Communication major. This major offers both practical training in the use of media technologies and communication strategies, as well as critical and historical perspectives on media and communication.

Learning Objectives:

Students who complete the Communication program should be able to:

  • Implement effective writing skills for multimedia settings;

  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal relationships and negotiation skills;

  • Show critical thinking skills, by way of their written communication style;

  • Carry out timely and relevant research on a wide array of topics, to inform writing and editing for printed and digital media;

  • Undertake successfully any projects that require digital media literacy.


The ability to write well in professional settings is an asset that company leaders often struggle to find. Increasingly, employers are finding out that good communication can be crucial for the success of the organization and its longer term image as well as health. The range of careers is as varied as there is diversity in the types of companies and enterprises that populate the internet at a rapid pace. Students who graduate with a Communication major can choose to pursue many career paths, in all kinds of industries. Positions run the gamut from entry-level associates in social media or public relations, sales positions, or content developers, to executive positons including Vice President for Public Relation & Corporate Communication or Account Director.  Students who choose one of the three optional concentrations in Journalism, Media Studies, or Public Relations & Advertising will have increased opportunities for positions that are directed related to these fields.