2017-2018 Online Continuing Education Programs 
    Nov 29, 2022  
2017-2018 Online Continuing Education Programs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Application Process for Undergraduate Programs

Applicants must demonstrate readiness to succeed in a challenging academic curriculum. For students without previous college credit from a regionally accredited institution, the high school transcript from a regionally accredited, nationally accredited, or state-approved High School is the most important element of the application. While no minimum grade point average, class rank or standardized test score is specified, one or more of these measures must indicate a readiness for college studies in a chosen academic program.

Any student with a regionally accredited, nationally accredited, or state‐approved high school diploma or a high school equivalency (GED) may apply. The college will also consider students with a High School certificate of completion. Students must take a minimum of the last 30 of the required credit hours with the college in order to graduate with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.


Admission Requirements

Complete an online application. You may also need to write a brief Writing Sample as part of the application process before it can be sent to New England College for review. You will be prompted to do so after the application.


Electronically sign authorization for University Alliance to obtain official transcripts for all school previously attended. If students have unofficial copies of high school completion but official copies cannot be obtained, the Registrar will review submitted materials for admission only.


Request the official records for advanced testing/external examination credit be sent directly to University Alliance on behalf of New England College.


Request the official records for military credit, international documents and any other transcripts for schools that will not allow third party requests be sent directly to University Alliance on behalf of New England College. New England College does not place emphasis on standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) and therefore does not require them for admission.


There is no application fee.


Students may take up to  two (2) consecutive seven-week sessions before having to be fully admitted if certain requirements are met. Speak with your enrollment advisor for more information. Only fully admitted students are eligible for federal financial aid. If financial aid is necessary, you must complete the full application process.