2019-2020 Residential Undergraduate Catalog 
    Dec 01, 2023  
2019-2020 Residential Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

 Changes made after publication are listed here. 

8/8/19 - Creative Writing, IA minor  added to Institute of Art and Design programs (editorial omission)

Moving Image   course PHO number updated from 307 to 315.

8/22/19 MAE 701  and MAE 702  credits corrected to 6 credits each.

8/27/19 BI 1011  added as a prerequisite option for BI 2030  .

8/27/19 added “for a total of 12 credits” after 3 courses in the electives section in Health Science, B.S.  

9/19/19  Accounting  outcome, “Prepare to take the certification exams in accounting (CPA, CMA, CFP, CIA).” removed from program learning outcomes.

9/23/19 SM/KI 3390  credits changed from 4 to 2.

10/1/19 Additional clarification added to the Academic Standards  process. (Language Below.)

Maintenance of Standards

Each student is expected to make satisfactory progress toward meeting degree requirements. Instructors teaching undergraduate students are asked to identify, during the fifth and eighth weeks of the semester, all who are having difficulty in their classes. This information is available to students and advisors to determine strategies for improvement.

All undergraduate students who have a cumulative GPA below 2.0 are subject to having their academic records reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee, which will determine appropriate action as indicated below. For purposes of record, students who are not under academic probation and have not been suspended or dismissed are defined as being in good academic standing.

Students who do not meet the general criteria for good standing will receive letters of warning, probation, or suspension. In viewing the records of students in academic difficulty, the Academic Standards Committee normally uses specific guidelines in decision‐making. These guidelines are available from faculty advisors, the Pathways Center or the Registrar’s Office.

Policy Guidelines for determining Academic Standing

After Semester One: Sanction Applied Sanction Lifted
Academic Suspension Semester Two Appeal is Approved*
Academic Probation Semester Two 2.0 Cumulative GPA Achieved
Academic Warning Semester Two 2.0 Cumulative GPA Achieved
After Semester Two: Sanction Applied Sanction Lifted
Academic Suspension Proceeding Semester Appeal is Approved*
Academic Probation Proceeding Semester 2.0 Cumulative GPA Achieved

*When appeal is approved, students are placed onto academic probation for the following semester.

**If an appeal is denied, student will not be able to take classes until appeal is approved.

Suspended students who wish to reenter the College must attend a hearing with the Academic Standards Committee for readmission after they have complied with the conditions of their suspension. Academic Standards Committee will determine if a student is academically eligible to return. Students must still apply and meet all requirements for readmission located in the Readmission section.


Undergraduate students who have been placed on probation or who are suspended may appeal their status to the Academic Standards Committee. Appeals requests must be submitted to the Committee, in writing, by the deadline stated. Appeals will not normally be heard after the start of the semester.

The Committee, or its designee(s), will hear each appeal, and the student must present his or her views. The student may be accompanied, if he or she chooses, by an advocate from within the College community. The committee may confirm or change the student’s academic status with such conditions as it deems appropriate. The student and parent(s), if appropriate, will be provided with written statements of the actions taken by the committee in regard to the student’s appeal. Adverse decisions by the committee may be appealed, on procedural grounds only, to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, who will review the matter and make a final determination.

1/8/20 CT 6110  - Prerequisite of CT 2430 removed.

1/27/20 PO 2070  and PO 2080  - course descriptions and titles adjusted.

4/3/20 Course title and description for MG 5360 (Strategic Sales Management) and MG 6230 (Technology and the Art of the Sale) swapped.  Course may have been offered in 2019-20 may appear under either number.

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