2020-2021 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2020-2021 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Changes made after publication are listed below.

09/10/2020: Added new course CT 6835 Advanced Python Programming  

4/21/2021: Course description change for ED 8075

Former description: Systemic reform is one of the biggest challenges in education today. In this signature course, students will review will examine key elements of educational systems and review effective strategies for promoting systemic educational reform focusing primarily on the elements of successful reform and what skills, knowledge, and dispositions are needed by educational leaders to be effective leaders of change. 

New description: In this course you will examine education reform from a systems perspective, and critically analyze the histories and relationships between the purpose of education and reform efforts in America. You will explore the role power has played in failed reform efforts that have ultimately perpetuated systems of oppression in education.  You will center questions of equity and social justice as you integrate both practical and research knowledge to understand how systems learn to improve. During this course you will create a systemic improvement plan to address an authentic problem of inequity.  

4/27/2021: Added HSEP 6350 Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources to the Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, M.A.  electives options. Error in catalog.

5/21/2021: Changed description to MG 6410 Professional and Organizational Electives. Error in catalog.

Former Description: This course explores and analyzes the interrelationships among stakeholders in the healthcare industry. The moral implications of the healthcare organization and its decisions are explored with respect to their social effects, and the tension that exists between achieving desirable outcomes and attending to the means by which they are achieved. Topics include: theories of morality; analysis of ethical decision‐making; interaction and conflicts among personal, professional, and organizational values; the effect of cultural diversity on individual and group values; current issues; and the impact of ethical considerations on healthcare organizations. Individual and collective choices, and how they figure in the management of competitive environments and the organization’s position on contemporary moral issues will be explored.

New Description: This course explores and analyzes the interrelationships of professions and the moral and social implication of the organization and its decisions. Topics include: theories of morality, moral development and decision making, personal morality versus employer loyalty and cultural issues and the impact on business decisions. Individual and collective choice and its application to competitive markets and contemporary moral issues will be explored.

9/2/2021 CT 6440 Information Visualization removed from Applied Data Analytics Electives (it is a core requirement) and added CT 7610 Database Management as elective option. Error in catalog.


  • Incorrect course description removed and correct course description added for COUN 6910 Crisis and Trauma Counseling. Error in catalog.