2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs 
    Jul 17, 2024  
2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, Sustainable Enterprise Concentration, MBA

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This multi-disciplinary MBA provides students with the analytical skills to be successful managers with a broad perspective in public service.  Students pursuing a concentration in Sustainable Enterprise will learn how to navigate the tension between financial health, environmental sustainability, and social equity, as well as learn how market forces can be harnessed to achieve social and environmental objectives, areas traditionally relegated to the realm of philanthropy.  This diverse concentration is applicable for managers of both non-profits and for-profits, in a range of sectors including public policy, international development, social work, city and regional planning, and business.

Outcomes of the concentration in Sustainable Enterprise

  • Strong foundation in business and management fundamentals
  • Proficiency navigating tensions between commercial, social, and environmental sustainability
  • Understand the definitions of sustainability and where each perspective brings value and cost
  • Comprehend the broader landscape of sustainability, in an economic, environmental, and social context
  • Competency in current metrics for evaluating efficacy of sustainable enterprises
  • Understanding of industry trends and the future of sustainability
  • Familiarity with the moral and legal framework for sustainable enterprises

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