2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs 
    Aug 13, 2020  
2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MG 6830 - Strategic Human Resource Management

This course is based on a proactive approach to the management of people and resources. Using their workplace as the starting point, students will walk through a strategic, competency‐based facilitation model of human resource management and will deal with practical aspects of managing people in the workplace in activities ranging from the assessment of the global environment to the identification of staffing needs and competencies that impact human resource decisions. This course covers the basics in the functional areas of HR: job analysis, staffing, job design, training, performance appraisal, compensation, succession planning, work‐life balance and termination. Emphasizes the strategic rather than the administrative role of HR and, therefore, its thrust will be HR as a business partner to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Students will examine the role of socio‐technical systems and its interaction with human resources and all stakeholders (human element) in relation to moving the organization forward. (4 credits)