2020-2021 Residential Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2020-2021 Residential Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Development

Telephone: 603.428.2241

The Student Development Division is comprised of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students, International Programs, Residence Life and Housing, Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Conduct, and the Wellness Center (Counseling and Medical Services). Student Development works collaboratively and across both the Henniker and Manchester campuses to provide services and experiences that foster personal growth and engaged citizenship.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Telephone: 603-428-2293

We seek to establish partnerships with community members to create an inclusive student-centered environment that fosters respect for each person. Working together is one of the most effective ways to identify solutions for change. Campus programs throughout the year will invite us to learn from our individual and collective experiences. Please take advantage of the many opportunities to create a memorable student experience at New England College.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is dedicated to providing intentional programs and services that enhance self-awareness, academic success, cross-cultural engagement, as well as encourage individual and collective advocacy. We will assist in creating an inclusive campus environment that fosters respect for each person, equity, appreciation for all cultures, and promote diverse ideas within the New England College community.

Students, faculty, and staff who engage in programs sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be able to:

  • Define one’s identity, understand intersectionality and articulate how these factors influence the college experience
  • Practice personal accountability and develop meaningful peer relationships using effective intrapersonal/interpersonal skills within an academic and social environment
  • Demonstrate effective cross-cultural communication proficiency that is applied daily when discussing the multiple dimensions of diversity
  • Illustrate an understanding of social responsibility and civic participation that ignites social action
  • Identify and explain the impact of systemic barriers placed on an individual and communities
  • Use acquired knowledge about cultural diversity to make informed decisions
  • Employ the Social Change Model in an effort to dismantle oppressive behaviors and systems

Residential Life and Housing

Telephone: 603.428.2242


Residential Life and Housing strives to create a living environment that supports the growth and development of all residents in a community characterized by mutual respect and an appreciation for diversity.

As a residential college, New England College considers the experience of living on campus to be an extension of the learning that occurs in the classroom. The College believes that living on campus is an essential experience designed to help students develop lifelong skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, both which lead to a sense of self and purpose. Residential students are expected to actively participate in all of the programs and community activities planned by the Residential Life staff.

A listing of College housing policies is contained in the Student Handbook, which can be found on‐line. It is a student’s responsibility to read and abide by all policies as outlined in the Student Handbook.  Failure to read the Student Handbook does not absolve a student of having to fulfill their 3 year residential requirement.  The residence halls at NEC are for registered, full-time, undergraduate and graduate NEC students. As a residential College, NEC requires all undergraduate students to live in College owned residential facilities for at least   3 academic years and/or 6 academic semesters. A student who is 23 years of age or older by August 1 of the upcoming academic year, veteran status, married, has a child/children, lives with a parent or legal guardian who has a verifiable permanent address within a pre-approved commuter town, or who has a previously approved medical accommodation or a financial hardship may be exempt from the housing requirement. Exemptions for financial or medical reasons require documentation and must be made through the Director of Student Financial Services or the Director of Access and Accommodations. All housing contracts are binding agreements made for the entire academic year. Housing refund policies are subject to the refund policies set by Student Financial Services.  Any student who is separated from the College for conduct issues will not be give a refund of housing or meal plan money.  Students are subject to meal plan requirements based on their academic year and credits at NEC.  All meal plan accommodations must be approved by the Director of Student Access and Accommodations.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

All students who are required to fulfill their residency requirement for the upcoming or following academic year and who choose not to select a room and meal plan during the room selection process will be assigned an on‐campus room and a 15‐meal plan and charged accordingly. New students who are required to live on campus who do not submit a housing and meal plan contract will be assigned a room and a 19‐meal plan and charged accordingly. Students who choose not to physically occupy their assigned room will be charged for the full cost of their room based on the above stated requirements. Likewise, students who choose not to use their meal plan will be charged for the full cost of the meal plan based on the above stated requirements. Please contact Residential Life and Housing for more information regarding our housing and meal plan policies.

Prior to moving in to their assigned room, all students will be required to sign a Housing and Meal Plan contract. Failure to sign a housing or meal plan contract does not absolve a student of the rights and responsibilities associated with the spirit of the contract or the stated living requirements.

Commuter Students

Although New England College is primarily a residential campus, eligible students live in off campus apartments or at home. Commuting Students are considered a vital part of the New England College community and are encouraged to participate in all services and programs available to residential students.

International Study

Telephone: 603.428.2358

New England College promotes international programs as an important part of its efforts to foster an awareness of world citizenship. We believe in the importance of exposure to different cultures in the personal development of our students. The College maintains cooperative relations with many study abroad program providers and foreign institutions, and provides information on a wide variety of academic opportunities abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

Students wishing to participate in study abroad opportunities must apply to the Director of Career and Life Planning in advance of the projected study abroad and meet the following criteria:

Students should have successfully completed a minimum of 30 credits in residence at New England College. Transfer credits from other colleges will not normally be applied to this credit total;

Students should have achieved sophomore status or above;

Students must have good academic and social standing, including a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.5 in credits earned at New England College;

Any student not meeting these conditions may petition the Students Committee.

Application Deadline

The priority date for semester‐long study abroad applications is the end of the second week of the preceding semester of the intended study. Deadline dates for regular applications to study abroad programs are no later than October 15 (for the Spring semester) and March 15 (for the Fall semester). The application fee for study abroad programs is set at $250 (of which $50 is non‐refundable).

Costs for Study Abroad

Normally, New England College students enrolled in semester‐long study abroad programs will continue to pay tuition, room, and board to New England College, which will in turn pay the tuition, room, and board expenses at the study abroad location. Enrollment in study abroad credits approved by New England College may be considered enrollment at New England College for federal financial aid purposes. As such, New England College students studying abroad in an approved program continue to be eligible for most of their institutional and federal financial aid. Please contact Student Financial Services for further details. Additional scholarships may be available through our study‐abroad partners.

Study Abroad Opportunities

New England College sponsors study abroad programs in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Student Engagement

Phone: 603.428.2429

The Office of Student Engagement, or the OSE, serves as the main office for student events and programs on campus. Incorporating student organizations, leadership development, Student Senate, Student Entertainment Committee, shuttle services, new student orientation, the Charter Coffeehouse, Wednesdays, and major campus programming and traditions, the OSE focuses on getting students involved on campus. With a wide range of activities, programs, and organizations to serve the varied interests of the campus community, the OSE is an integral part of student life at New England College. With most activities having been planned, promoted and produced by NEC students, there is bound to be something that sparks your interest. If not, we will be more than happy to work with you to bring something that will.

Councils, Boards, and Governing Groups

The Student Senate is the student legislative body on campus responsible for promoting the welfare and interests of students and fostering open communication between students and the College’s administration. Elected by the student body, the Senate is a clearinghouse for student views, opinions, and interests. The Student Senate allocates and monitors funds to student clubs and organizations.

The Student Entertainment Committee (SEC)

The Student Entertainment Committee (SEC) is responsible for coordinating and scheduling events that draw much student interest, including special events, films, lectures, small concerts, and social programs for the community. Each of these areas is coordinated by student volunteers. SEC membership is open to any student who wants to be involved in co‐curricular program planning.

Student Organizations

The following is a sampling of student organizations. The exact number and variety of organizations vary from year to year.

Adventure Bound

Adventure Bound offers vigorous outdoor learning opportunities in the form of workshops and weekend trips. All members of the College community are welcome to participate. Past trips have included backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, and urban adventures. Rental equipment (such as backpacks, tents, cross‐country skis, snowshoes, and sleeping bags) is also available for students to use.

Aspiring Minds

Aspiring Minds formed to provide support for students in the NEC community who care deeply about issues of diversity. Members plan social events and educational events such as lectures, films, and more. Aspiring Minds welcomes anyone to join and participate.

Carriage Theatre Ensemble

Students who are interested in theatre may wish to join the Carriage Theatre Ensemble. Each semester performances are staged in the Main stage and Studio Theatres. Scripts are selected to provide students with a broad perspective and experience in acting, costumes, scenery, lighting, and production.

Environmental Action Committee (EAC)

The Environmental Action Committee brings environmental, conservation, and energy issues into focus for the community. By sponsoring events such as films, lectures, recycling programs, and town clean‐ups, the EAC enables students to become actively involved with the community and nature.

New England College Role Playing Association (NECRA)

Through the use of role‐oriented games and exercises, the New England College Role Playing Association offers students the opportunity to exercise their imaginations and expand their creative energies.

New England College Queer Straight Alliance

NEC Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) offers an opportunity for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning students to provide support for each other, plan events and programs, and advocate for GLBT issues on the NEC campus. The group is open to all students, and welcomes ally students as an integral part of the club. NEC QSA has sponsored events on National Coming Out Day and has held events such as the “Day of Silence,” speakers, and drag shows.

Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

The Student Athlete Advisory Council is comprised of the leaders of varsity athletic teams. These students represent all student athletes on campus and provide leadership for students in fostering positive involvement with regard to athletic events.

Student Senate

The Student Congress is a group of students who represent the student body as student senators and the executive board. This organization consists of two parts: Student Senate and the House of Representatives. House of Representatives consists of a liaison from each student organization on campus and each senator in Student Senate represents a part of the student body.

The New Englander

The New Englander, the New England College student newspaper, provides experiential learning for students interested in writing, editing, design, photography, public relations, and advertising. Students also gain professional experience working together as a group, formulating strategy for improving quality, and meeting deadlines. The goal is to produce a high quality newspaper that serves the needs of the New England College and Henniker communities. Students derive deep satisfaction from meeting this goal, typically by hard work, overcoming problems, and having plenty of fun. Students may treat the New Englander like a club, participating through agreement with the faculty advisor, or earn variable credits through the New Englander course.


T.E.A.C.H. is an organization made up of members who are interested in the field of education and making a difference through providing opportunities and support for students, young and old. Because we are an education based organization, our goal is to not only work with schools in the community and in places of need, but to help teach the college community about embracing diversity, so all students may have an open heart and mind about our ever changing culture, and be accepted and thus become more successful learners, and eventually leaders.

The Henniker Review

The Henniker Review is an annual literary review edited by students; contributors to The Henniker Review include students, faculty, staff, and others from the community at large.

WNEC Radio

WNEC 91.7 FM is an opportunity for students to have internships, join the club, serve as a DJ on the radio, or help out a student organizations events on campus by playing music. The station is broadcast and staffed by students from all majors on campus.

Other Leadership Opportunities

In addition to the many clubs and organizations on campus, several additional leadership positions are available to students in an effort to assist the community, gain valuable skills and experience, and enhance the quality of life. Such leadership positions include:

  • Student organization executive board member
  • Peer Leader
  • Resident Advisor
  • WOW Squad member

Wellness Center

Telephone: 603.428.2253

Henniker Campus

The Wellness Center, located in Hill House, is dedicated to the physical and emotional health of NEC students, as well as the greater NEC community. We utilize an integrated approach which includes but not limited to: education, prevention, crisis intervention, and health maintenance.  Services are free of charge for all regularly full time enrolled undergraduate students (there may be a cost for certain lab tests and prescriptions). Wellness Center staff are comprised of fully licensed personnel: nurse practitioners, registered nurse, and licensed mental health counselors/social workers. 

Mental health counseling services provide students with the opportunity to talk with a counselor in a confidential setting. The staff is available to students for individual, couples, and group counseling.  This includes providing counseling for students who may be experiencing situational or ongoing psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression, grief, alcohol and other drug problems, and relationship issues to name a few. Counselors may work collaboratively with home providers to ensure continuity of care.  In addition, we offer educational outreach and programming to meet the developmental needs of our students.

Medical evaluation and health education are available on a wide range of health issues including smoking, alcohol, nutrition, contraception, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases.  Health Care Services provide care for acute illnesses as well as routine primary care, including lab tests as needed, women’s health, STD and pregnancy testing as well as physical exams. The nurse practitioners are able to write prescriptions for students as indicated. Documentation from the home primary care provider may be required for certain prescriptions.  Referrals to outside specialists can be facilitated through the Wellness Center for students with pre‐existing or chronic health issues.

The Wellness Center hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. ‐ 4:30 p.m. with extended hours until 5:30p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. There is emergency care located at Concord Hospital as well as non‐emergency care at Horseshoe Pond Urgent Care and Convenient MD in Concord during off‐hours.  Riverbend Community Mental Health provides 24hour emergency services #1-844-743-5748.

Manchester Campus

Counseling Services

All of our counselors are licensed providers in the state of New Hampshire and we follow all HIPAA laws.  There is no additional cost for counseling.  A full time counselor is located on our Manchester campus in Concord Hall.  We provide the following services to all full time residential students:

Individual Counseling Services: Common concerns include: College Transition, Anxiety, Depression, Alcohol and Other Drugs, PTSD, Peer/Relationship/Family Conflicts, Stress Management

Couples Counseling: Assist with improving romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts, including addressing issues such as communication, healthy limits and boundaries, establishing long term goals

Group Counseling: Currently we have a Grief Group on our Henniker campus which meets every three weeks and is open to Manchester students (at this time we are exploring the possibility of continuing to meet using social distancing practices or using tele health, as well as implementing a group on the Manchester campus).  In addition, we are looking into an on-campus Al-Anon group.  There are several community group options available in the Manchester area; this list will be made available to students upon request

Wellness Assessments: Students may be referred and/or mandated if there is a concern about a students’ wellbeing

Education and Programming: Throughout the year counselors, along with Medical Staff and the Health Educator, offer a wide variety of programs to increase Health Awareness and Strategies to improve one’s overall health and wellbeing

Collaboration:  Counselors will work with home providers and make referrals to external resources as needed

Crisis Intervention and Management: We work in collaboration with The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester:

 24 Hour Emergency Services/Mobile Crisis Unit #800.688.3544

Medical Services

Students requiring medical care can access any of the local urgent care facilities. 

Concerta Urgent Care
1279 S Willow St. Manchester, NH 03103

Express Med Urgent Care
1 Highlander Way Manchester, NH 03103  
 603- 625-2622

Minute Clinic
271 Mammoth Rd, Manchester, NH 03109

Elliot at River’s Edge
185 Queen City Ave, Manchester, NH 03101 

Local Hospitals with Emergency Rooms open 24/7:

Elliot Hospital
1 Elliot Way, Manchester, NH 03103

Catholic Medical Center
100 McGregor Street, Manchester, NH 03102


If you are need of vaccines:

Wellness center on the Henniker Campus offers vaccines (students who are 18 and under at no cost; students who are 19 and over can receive vaccines only if they have out of state Medicaid.)

City of Manchester Health Department 
1528 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101  
Immunization Clinic Schedule: http://www.manchesternh.gov/Departments/Health/Clinics/Immunization