2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs 
    Aug 18, 2019  
2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ED 6025 - Habits of Mind, Grit, and Growth Mind Set: The Other Side of the Report Card

In this course we will review ideas and skills to help individuals grow as people, educators, and students. We know that people are motivated in different ways; we know that people have different wants and needs; we know that some people persevere while other people give up too easily; we know that some people are optimistic and some people are pessimistic. We now also believe that the positive habits of our minds, optimism, perseverance, positive self-talk, and the ability to take more control over what we think and do all can be taught, nurtured, and enhanced. In this course we will work to begin this process by enhancing our own abilities and then we will work to set up our teaching environments to teach and enhance the thinking and the actions of our students. If we are successful, anything we want our students to learn will develop in much more positive and powerful ways for more of our students. (3 Credits) Meets MED & CAGS Concentrations requirements: Curriculum & Instruction/ School Climate Leadership/ Educational Leadership