2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs 
    Feb 27, 2020  
2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ED 6190 - Taming the Data Beast: Understanding and Using Assessment Data to Inform Instructional Decisions

What are district and classroom based assessments saying about our students, and how can we use them to make informed decisions in which to meet the needs of all learners. As schools wrestle with implementing effective Response to Intervention systems, it is critical that staff can effectively utilize progress monitoring tools and assessment data to ensure best instructional practices.  This class will focus on analyzing data in order to inform instruction and improve student growth. Students will read and discuss articles related to using data to inform instruction, analyze and sort district and/or classroom data, design a grade book using content standards to track progress, create a data correlation chart to be used as a resource or in communicating levels of achievement with colleagues, students and parents, and create an instructional improvement plan using a framework such as universal design for learning.   (4 Credits) Meets MED Core requirement. Can be taken as a concentration course for any concentration. Can substitute for ED 6180 Evaluation and Assessment: Making Data Meaningful.