2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs 
    Aug 19, 2019  
2017-2018 Graduate and Professional Studies Programs [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MG 5410 - Organizational Communication, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

This course explores the psychological contract between leader and follower that take any of many forms between two people or between the leader and small groups. Students study group formation and group development as well as the intricacies of coaching, mentoring, conflict resolution and mentoring. Students study organizational behavior and explore how these concepts affect leadership effectiveness. Students will examine organizational communication including formal and informal communication, as well as the relationship of communication to organizational satisfaction and effectiveness. Topics include: preparing for a negotiation, understanding individual preferences, identifying ethical and cross-cultural issues that might arise, and when and what kind of outside resources may be and assess the importance of coaching and open communication when inspiring individuals to overcome barriers to peak performance. (4 credits)